Distinguished members of our family
Powered from unity

We are here today thanks to the vision and dream of a young man in a tiny workshop in 1932. We saw that commitment, hard work and persistence will eventually bring suc-cess. We have been always committed to these values and we are who we are today because of these values. We have acted with the importance of taking up values and we have reached today with these values.

We are working very hard to bring Aybakar to the next generation while staying com-mitted to the values we learned from our grandfather, father and mother. Today we are one of the most reliable, suc-cessful and original companies in our field: We know that our 80 years of experience is not the only fueling factor. We understand the importance of commitment and unity.

We are committed to make every project better than all predecessors. Our struggle to raise the bar is fueled with the trust and positive feedbacks of our cus-tomers that we consider part of our family.

We believe that having family members welcoming us to their home with a big smile is the biggest benefit we earned.

We are well aware that this gain is the re-sult of team work. We are walking this jour-ney together with our team ,hand in hand, as family, standing strong.

We know that this stregth comes from our “family bonds”.

As the third generation of the family, we are not just a manufacturer of equipment; We are a companion walking with you through thick and thin, accomplishing many “impossible”, and attending to all your needs.

Thank you for walking with us, standing strong together.