We are a company that sees everybody we cooperate; both our business associates and our employees; from the family and acts the awareness of being a family.

From The Past to the Future

We moved forward  by adding a new one to everything we learned, by trying adding a new success to the ones we already reached; by renovating ourselves constantly in every field from technology to product quality, from customer satisfaction to product portfolio with the philosophy of “always producing better” since 1932. 

Today we are looking forward to the future as a family with our customers and employees that is rooted in the world without forgetting our past, by protecting our inherited values.


We have a big team that is composed of Turkey’s strongest engineers.

We export more than 50 countries and we undertake all responsibilities.

We are not only a producer but also a solution partner.

We always work hard to better our work; we never rest on our current success. Instead of following our own rights-wrongs that we expreinced over the years; we produce solutions directed to our customers’ needs.

By knowing that a chain is as strong as the weakest link; we choose our weakest link from the world’s strongest, and constantly renew. We do not say “only we know” even though we are experienced more than 85 years; On the contrary, we listen and observe all world.